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Actually, there is more to this answer, and it spans both the Galician and
Hungarian SIG's.

The Langsam-Spira-Miller family heavily married back into itself or those
married into it. It was not usually on the first-cousin level, although it
did occur (there are no two-headed Millers). The family lived on both sides
of the "fence", in Galicia and northern Slovakia/Ukraine. After some period
of time there was an extensive part of the family in Hungary as well. For
those interested in more history, please consult my website (see below).

Anyhow, a younger sister to Sara Schonfeld (nee Spira) was Rivka, married
R' Yakov Uri. This Rivka died prematurely and R' Yakov Uri remarried, to
his niece, (Yitta) Leah, daughter of Sara Schonfeld. (Yitta) Leah was a
sister to Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Schonfeld.

(Yitta) Leah and R' Yakov Uri had several children together, one of whom
was Frieda. This Frieda married Shmuel Zanvil Kallish, born circa
1840. One of his offspring provides more detail at

For a general overview of the Bnei Yissochur, R' Zvi Elimelech (Hersh
Mylech) Spira and much of his offspring, you can view

-Moishe Miller

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