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Louis Schonfeld <Lmagyar@...>

Once again I turn to you for assistance. I have numerous videos of Jewish
cemeteries throughout Hungary, Slovakia and Subcarpathian Ruthenia. Included in these videos are many still photos taken with a JVC digital video camera. The camera is a Cyber Cam GR-DVM1 and uses DV sized film. It is about two and a half years old. I purchased a program that I thought
would help me get the film into my computer and edit it so that the
information shown on the tombstones would be able to be
transcribed and submitted to 1. Jewishgen WW cemetery database 2. H-sig
website and 3. to the individuals who have requested copies of the
film/tape. I was not successful in this endeavor. Plan B is to purchase a
Sony VAIO computer with all the built in capabilities of video transferring
and editing. However, there is something called a "firewire" which one must
connect >from the camera to the computer to transmit the video. My video
camera has no port for this type of connection. I am told that the newer
model JVC video cameras have this connection capability. I can't use a Sony
camera since that is for 8mm film only, and I have the DV size film. Can
someone enlighten me about this? 1. Am I correct about the technical
specifications mentioned here? 2. If my only option is to purchase a newer
JVC camera does anyone have a suggestion for the best place to purchase such
a camera? Can it be rented - if so, where? 3. Are there alternatives
available to get the data on the film into the hands of the public? Can
Jewishgen do it, if I send them a video copy (which I can do)? Please
respond privately.

Louis Schonfeld

P.S. Unrelated to this message, but important for some of you: A copy of
the original Pinkas Hevra Kadisha (burial registry) of Ungvar/Uzhgorod has
been sent to the Washington D.C. Holocaust Memorial Museum. As mentioned
in an earlier message I hope to go to Israel later this year and at that
time find out the progress of the transcribing project for this Pinkas. LS

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