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To all: the next two messages might have been sent only to me, but they were sent to the entire h-sig. The individual writers were wiser than I was, since many of us are moving in this photographic direction and we can all learn >from this information.LS

I too have experienced a similiar problem with my Panosonic Digital Video
Camera that I purchase over a year ago, because the display quality was
superior to the Sony cameras, but half the price of Sony's. I have all the
Velykiv Bychkiv Cemetery on it, where my Digital still camera was having
problems and I have only 30% of the stones on this camera. I also have my
Spanish Bullfights on here, since it captures sound as well as video.

I learned later that the difference in pricing is due to "PC Readiness" of
cameras. Sony Cameras are PC Ready if you own a Sony PC, as the president
of my company does, but does at great expense (purchased via the American
Express Platinum Catalogue).

What I learned in making my Camera and PC communicate is:
1) It is company proprietary...only Panosonic could help me, so keep this
in mind when
buying cameras, that you are getting in bed with that vendor for the
2) Panosonic had teaming agreements with two companies that built
for this connectivity. Both companies wanted $800+ for this
and considered it a bargain, cause the main market for this is
profession entertainment
editting, where they currently spend far more than this, so it is quite
a deal for them
3) My PC would still need an IEEE Firewire card, and it was unknown whether
this card
works on any Toshiba, much less my lsptop. Lesson here, is that the
IEEE Firewire
card is not guaranteed to work on all machines. If it is not certified
for your machine
you embark on this journey on your own. No tech support staffs (PC,
Camera, Software
will assist you even if you own a support contract)

1) When buying equipment, make sure it is already configured for what you
want. My
Company president paid alot for his Sony Equipment, but it worked right
out of the box.
2) You can always display your Digital output to a TV and Tape it on your
VCR, which is
my current workaround.
3) I asked my cousin's assistance, since he is a producer, director, writer
and has
many contacts in the film world for recommendations and was told every
camera and
digital connection is a technical project unto itself. His friend, also
writer/producer personally owns a JVC. When purchasing my 3.3 Megapixel
still camera
I took this into consideration, as well as, trying all the cameras on
small print
and comparing the output. I ended up selecting the JVC. I did the same
test with
Panasonic video camera almost 2 years ago. The new Panasonic comes PC
ready, unlike my
old one, but the still shots are only .5 megapixels, so I went with the
3.3 MP JVC still
4) I worked at LA Times on a consulting job. One of their photographers is
a friend of
a cousin of mine, and they are using Cameras with MAC connections
5) I am using two of my very high power technical connections, one a UNIX
system Admin,
and another a Graphics consultant, and my problems have not been
resolved, nor do I feel
its a good use of our time, so I will use my workaround in item #2,
where I only lose
editting capabilities. Since Digital Video is large in file size,
transmission would be
challenging at best (I am in a 10 hr FTP of 100 files of 1 MB each for a
total of
approximately 100 MB of the Sighet Burial Records on a 750 MHZ machine
operating at
46.6kbps, which is far less data then a digital video.) I will also
probably just buy
a new camera as it is probably cheaper than the time the three of us
have spent
considering our billing rates.
6) I have another workaround, a 'snappy card' that will allow me to pull a
frame off
my Digital Camera, and transfer to my PC. This is probably more in the
realm that
current Data Transmission can handle.
7) Another purchasing option is a Sony Magniva, in varying pricing
depending on the
Megapixels. It supports short video, and works off 3 Diskette. This is
the easiest, cheapest option for the novice. I didn't select it cause
the quality
of image off small, faint print wasn't good, but it is fine for normal

I have been buying all my camera equipment <snip>would have better pricing if you have the time to check, and ship. I seem
to be buying cameras before I step on planes and am time constrained.

Leslie Gyi
Merrimack NH
Researching FEIGs anywhere
POLLAKs in Carpathia
HAJNIKs in Poland

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