Hungary SIG #Hungary Where are magazine "The news of Deported People" and newspaper "New Life" #hungary

Susanne Belovari <belovari@...>

Hallo! 8.11.00

I have been informed that there was a magazine "The name of deported people"
as well as a newspaper "New Life" that appeared in 1945 after the war. In
those papers, people made inquiries for lost family members. The Jewish
Community seems to have been the publisher?

Does anyone know where these papers are located? In Hungary? and its
National Library? Or?

Also: there seems to be an orbituary collection in Hungary that might
contain obituaries of Jews having died in the holocaust. Does anyone know
where this collection might be located? And has anyone had experience in
using it and thought it useful?

I have already contacted the National Library of Hungary with the above

Thank you, Susanne Belovari
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