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Susanne Belovari schrieb:

Hallo!                                        8.11.00

I have been informed that there was a magazine "The name of deported people" as well as a
newspaper "New Life" that appeared in 1945 after the war.  In those papers, people made
inquiries for lost family members.  The Jewish Community seems to have been the

Does anyone know where these papers are located? In Hungary? and its
National Library?  Or?

Also: there seems to be an orbituary collection in Hungary that might
contain obituaries of Jews having died in the holocaust. Does anyone know
where this collection might be located? And has anyone had experience in
using it and thought it useful?

I have already contacted the National Library of Hungary with the above

Thank you, Susanne Belovari
I don't quite understand your question. Neither  "The name of deported people" nor the "New
Life" seems to be Hungarian and don't think that there was a paper in Hungary with that
name. At the same time there was/is a biweekly paper of the Jewish communities "Uj Elet"
which is the translation of "New Life" the paper exists in Hungary, the publisher is
located as other offices of the Jewish communities in Sip utca 12, H-1075 Budapest. Its
probable that returnees looked there for friends and family members. There were also
several books published listing the returnees and victims of the Shoa. One of it is "Te
vagy a tanu" published in 1947 which lists on 273 pages persons, families perished and also
returnees. The information were supplied by the survivors. Some communities published in
the meantime name lists of the victims but in the majority, we are still waiting. There was
a list, prepared on the order and delivered on mid April 1944 of the occupying German
authorities which - in my opinion - was the base of the deportation lists. I found the one
from my ghetto in the archive of the gendarmerie district we belonged too. It included
Battonya (129 Person), Bekes (198 P), Bekescsaba (2049 P), Endrod (88 P), Gyula (242 P),
Mezökovacshaza (417 P), Oroshaza (645 P), Totkomlos (146 P), I didn't found the lists of
Banhegyes and Szarvas. During some visit in the county archive's registry of dead (1946 -
1948) I found 620 Persons declared dead by family members, for quite different reasons, the
majority of this persons were murdered at arrival in Auschwitz. So you have to go sometimes
to the archives and browse through the books to find the information, you are looking for.
This is something which the different communities neglected. There are also some newer
publications >from towns and villages but the majority of information waits to be dig up.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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