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Louis Schonfeld <Lmagyar@...>

I have just received the first batch of deportation lists for locations in

The lists are >from Debrecen and Szombathely. Each lists has about 4,000
In addition to the name of the deportee is the maiden name of the deportee,
year of birth, town of birth, mother's maiden name and occupation. To start
the project I am requesting two team captains, one for each location, who in
turn will recruit additional volunteers. The team captains will be in
contact with Jewishgen's liaison for this project,

The data >from these and other lists will be accumulated and become part of a
Jewishgen searchable database.

I will send the complete set of each town list to the respective team

Please let me hear >from you as soon as possible. When we complete these, Yad
Vashem will send us additional lists.

Best wishes,

Louis Schonfeld
H-sig facilitator

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