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Several people have emailed me about my Slovak goldmine. I still don't
exactly know what I have, but I can provide some information about what
I requested.

I wrote a letter to the Czech archives, asking for military service
information about my grandmother's youngest brother, born in 1915, who
got drafted into the Czech army in the 1930s, just before the family was
about to get him a visa to the USA. The brother, Markus, was born in
Pavlovce nad Uhm, which is now in Slovakia, 20 miles >from the Ukrainian
border. The Czech archives apparently sent the request to the Slovak
archives and the information appears to have come >from an historical
archive in Trnava (as distinguished >from the usual document source, the
regional archives). Apparently, the documents ended up in western
Slovakia, and not in eastern Slovakia where the military conscription

Once I get some of this translated, I will be better able to guess at
what types of records this archive holds. In the meantime, I did
recognize in the documents the phrase for concentration camp Auschwitz.
This is a piece of information that the family did not have, as we knew
nothing about what happened to Markus between his induction into the
army and when he was supposedly shot crossing a border after the war.
The shooting story came >from a survivor cousin who made it to Israel,
and we have no way to confirm its truth since the cousin heard it from
someone else. Markus did, apparently, survive the camps since the
documents have some post war entries.

I will report more when I have more information.


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