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Now that I see marriage questions coming up, it reminds me of a dilemma
I have yet to solve. Perhaps someone out there might have some insight,
and I hope that this is the right forum to ask, given the nature of the

My greatgrandparents Rezso Glockner/Gabor (1887-1964) and Elli Winter
(1893-1967) were both born and raised Jewish. Their children (including
my paternal grandmother, the eldest, b. Feb. 1914), were baptised,
raised Catholic, and sent to Catholic boarding schools. As my
grandmother still denies her Jewish heritage and claims not to have
known that her parents were Jewish, this is a touchy subject and she
won't tell me anything.

I want to track down the marriage records for Rezso & Elli. I would
guess that they were married in 1912 or 1913. My grandmother claims not
to know where her parents were married, except that it was not in
Budapest. Rezso was >from Somogy county and Elli was >from Salgotarjan.

Should I assume that R & E formally converted to Christianity before
getting married and therefore be hunting church records across the
country? If they married Jewish and then made the change, would there
be records? Or, given the time period, would everything (marriage,
conversion) have been recorded civilly? Is it possible to access
records this recent >from Budapest archives? Is it possible to do
without knowing place names? I was hoping that the records would show
me where the marriage took place and in which religion. What can I get,
and where?!

In a much earlier letter to this group, I learned that some Jews
converted in the early part of the century for "political or social
acceptance." Now I'm wondering if it was difficult for someone Jewish
to convert (for marriage or otherwise) or did the church
welcome/encourage converts with open arms. Did other Hungarians fully
accept "known converts" or was it really no big deal to them? I guess
I'm still trying to get inside the heads of my ancestors to get beyond
just names and dates.

Apologies if this is not the kind of topic I should bring up here, but
pointers would be appreciated.

Many thanks!

Michele Sankar

Searching WINTER, SEIDNER (Salgotarjan & Sena), GLOCKNER, (Somogy),

mod.- Please, no apologies are necessary. This is the type of intriguing
situation which makes our forum dynamic, entertaining and educational.LS

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