Hungary SIG #Hungary Urgent Appeal Re: Artifacts from Bor Slave Labor Units #hungary

Bob Friedman <inwood@...>

Dear Fellow H-SIG Members,

The Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC is planning to open an exhibit on
the Hungarian Labor Service early next year. Bonnie Gurewitsch, the
archivist who is curating the exhibit, specifically needs additional
materials on the units who were sent to work in the copper mines at
Bor, Yugoslavia (many of whom were later slaughtered during the
infamous Cservenka massacre).

If you have, or have access to, any artifacts relating to Bor, such as
work register-books ("Zsold konyv"), uniforms, photos, etc., please
send email to bgurewitsch@... AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thanks!

You may also reach Bonnie by phone at (212) 968-1800 ext. 149, or by
fax at (212) 968-1368.

--Bob Friedman

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