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Ed Zwieback <ezwiebac@...>

On Dec. 10, 1999, I wrote the suggested form letter to request a copy of the
Austrian holocaust victim Asset File for a cousin who lived in Vienna and
was deported . I never heard anything back. Thanks to recent info from
Randy Schoenberg, I sent an e-mail to Dr. Hubert Steiner
( on Nov.11, 2000 repeating my request of Dec. 10,
1999. On Nov. 18, I received a reply as follows:

Dear Mr. Zwieback,
I don't know why I didn't get your letter.
Anyway yesterday I ordered to make copies of the record of Josefine Schwarz
and you'll get them within the next weeks without any charges.
Best regrds >from Vienna.
Yours, Dr. Hubert Steiner

I did receive the file on Dec.5 through the regular mail.
Ed Zwieback
Long Beach, CA
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