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Dear H-siggers,

As you can see, I'm forced to use another e-mail address (and another
computer too), becouse - it seems - I lost everything, even the winchester.
(Not to mention your addresses...)
I don't really know what to do, it looks like I will not be able to recover
any of the cca 1,5 gigabyte material I gathered 'ntill now. For now I'm just
What I want to ask you (especially Joyce Field, if you read this letter) is
to write even an empty letter to this address.

Below you may find some useful info regarding the family-names you are

Foreword to the material below:

The Szeged's old Jewish cem. was used until 1831, when due to a
cholera-epidemic, the city ordered, and the cemetery was closed. After a few
years the neighbouring land-owners managed to make the city council decide
to empty the site. The Jewish community decided to move not only the
headstones, but to exhumate the bodies and move them also to the new
cemetery. They emptied 437 graves. Out of these 365 were signless , the rest
(72) had some sort of matzevot.
Below you may review the 72 name, some of them with brief explanation. The
accents used in hung. I taped with common accents, so your comp. should
understand it...
Good luck.
Winter Peter

Auslander Ka'lma'n, unmarried 1821.
Auslander Ka'lma'n [Salamon] 1821. (See: Szegedi Zsido'k 100. p.
Bernheim Gerson, unmarried.
MV"H [Brody Cipo'resz] Sa'muel 1830. (See: Szegedi Zsido'k 333. p.
Czinner Jisa'j b. Mo'se 1819. (Founder [ancestor] of the Czinner family.)
Da'vid b. Mattitjah Juvelier 1811.
Deutsch Hirs's 2 unmaried son (Wolf 1802., Le'b 1811.)
Deutsch Hirs 1823. (Founder [ancestor] of the Deutsch and De'ri families.)
Gru"nblatt Le'b.
Gyo"n A'braha'm Le'b b. Mendl [orig >from Algyo"] 1828. [Paschkes]
Herzl Jechezkel 1798 [TKN"Ch] (See: Szegedi Zsido'k 107., founder [ancestor]
of the Herzl family.)
[Holtzer] Zsambe'k Jokev 1829. (Founder [ancestor] of the Holtzer family.)
Izrael b. Ru'ben Sze'ga'l, unmarried 1831.
HTVRNI Jakob [Melammed] 1820. b. MV"H Aharon [Polla'k].
Jakab b. Salamon 1829.
Jakab Hirs b. Selo'mo'h 1823.
Jicchak Michael Cha'jim b. Iszachar Ber 1818.
Ju'da doctor, orig. >from Nyitra. [Tauszig?]
Kronstein (Kan K"N] Le'b 1818.
Kohn A'braha'm Sa'je b. Mo'se 1831.
Kohn Cha'jim b. Jechiel.
[Kojeteiner] Goitein Manele b. Mo'seh.
Kraus Benja'min b. Jehosua 1812.
Lovasbere'ny Mordechaj b. Icek 1831.
Meir Janket [Jankova'c]. [Meir b. Izrael SGL 1807. Lo"vy.]
Menachem Mendl Holitsi.
Michael b. Jo'zsef, 1818.
Politzer Jakab's two unmarried son 1821.
Politzer Le'b 1826.
Polla'k Michael Chajim 1817. (Founder of the Community. See: Szeg. Zsid. 99.
Prinz Zalmen 1813. (>from Kecskeme't.)
Rath Gedaljah 1811.
Reiner A'braha'm b. Cvi SGL unmarried 1827.
Reiner Cvi b. Icek SGL 1814.
Sa'muel b. Jakab 1829.
Spitz[er] Izrael 1827. (La'sd Szeg. Zsid. 97. I. Auslander Simon's
Schwa'b Hirs.
Schwab Szinaj Dorosma 1820. (Polla'k Doma'n Simon's father-in-law.)
Schweiger Cha'jim Le'b 1820. (Founder [ancestor] of the Schweiger family.)
Schweiger Michael Ber 1831. (The above's son.)
Weber Le'b 1831.
M"VH Wolf SG"L
Basch Nu'cha, Jo'zsef's doughter.
Brod[y] Cha'ja Sarah 1822 [Sa'muel's wife].
Czinner Rochel, Jisa'j's wife 1831. (The ancestess of the Czinner family.)
Channah, Miskolc Icek's wife.
Deutsch Dina b. Hirs 1828.
Deutsch Rachel b. Da'vid
dl Janket [Jankova'c] b. Meir.
Golde Schneiderin 1831. [Mandl]
Gitl b. Hirs.
Holtzer Finkl. [Jokev's wife].
Hindl, Jo'zsef Kitze'-i's wife z 8 to. .
[Kohn] K"Tz Eszter b. Le'b.
[Kohn] K"Tz Fe'gele b. Feives. [Temeto": Fe'gele, Jakab K"Tz's wife 1825.]
[Kohn] K"Tz Fra'dl, A'braha'm Sa'je's wife 1825.
[Kohn] Sarah, Mo'zes,'s wife 1824.
Kohn [K"Tz] Rebeka, Ja'kob's wife 1814.
Kohen Glu"kl [Gertrud] A'braha'm's wife, and doughters: Mindl e's Re'zl.
Kuzman Re'zl.
Kronstein [K"N] Chaja Sarah [Le'b's wife.]
Lo"bl Eszter. (Temeto"ben Eszter b. Jo'zsef 1830.)
Lovasbere'ny Golde 1822.
Lo"vinger Be'le, Izrael SGL's wife 1813.
Lovasbere'ny Lea, Le'b's wife 1820.
Lo"wy Gelle, Zekl's wife 1830.
Mirja'm b. Hirs Ber [Polla'k Michael Cha'jim's wife] 1794. jun. 20. The
first burial in the cem.
Nu'cha, Jakab's wife 1814.
Polla'k Fe'gele Johanan Hirs's wife 1831.
Polla'k Se'ndl 1815. Polla'k Doma'n Simon's mother.)
Reisinger Debo'ra b. Le'zer.
Re'zl b. Jakab, Menachem Schneider.
Schweiger Mirjam. (Cha'jim Le'b's wife.)
Schweiger Zu"szl 1831. (Abra'ha'm's wife?)
SG"L Zu"szl, Ze'lig's wife.

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