Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: More 1869 census records #hungary

korman3 <korman3@...>

In reply to an inquiry about the status of filming in Nitra and
Bratislava, I got an interesting reply >from the Morman library in Salt
Lake. Apparently, 1869 census records for the counties of Bars,
Esztergom, Komarom, Nitra, Abuaj-Torna and Szepes have been added to the
catalog. The trick is that you can only get the film numbers >from the
catalog that is in Salt Lake, they are not online yet and are not on the
most recent CD roms that the branch libraries have.

I have asked them to send me a printout of all of the film numbers and
towns to which the films apply. Presuming that I receive this, I will
make the information available to all of you, probably by giving it to
our webmaster to somehow get it into the HSIG database.

As for the filming status, they declined to provide any information.


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