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the book in question was published over 100 years ago, so i would assume that it is in the public domain by now. would it be feasible to convert it to a database and possibly make it available online? (that would solve the problem of cross-referencing.)

does anyone have the facilities to scan and ocr a microfilm? (assuming that the mormons' microfilm is reasonably legible.)

...... tom klein, toronto
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As for registers about name Hungarization, >snip>
Szazadunk Ne'vva'ltoztata'sai (this century's changes of names)
a book published by Viktor Hornyanszky in 1895
which contains thousands of surnames of people who "hungarized" their
names >from 1800 to 1893. This is a real jewel for the genealogist but
it presents one BIG hurdle for the researcher: the names are listed
in alphabetical order but according to the surname TAKEN, not the
surname the person hold *before* he/she changed it. And there is no
cross index!

mod.- Jewishgen and H-sig, working together, have hired a researcher based
in Budapest to digitize this book and do the same for other important
documents related to Jewish family history. The Hornyanszky book and the
books by Fenyes (see H-sig archives -search for Fenyes) are the first
assignments to be done. We are looking for additional suggestions to keep
our researcher active and gainfully employed on a full time basis.
Therefore, your suggestions for projects and SPONSORSHIP of projects is
encouraged. Tax deductible contribtutions for this purpose can be made to
Jewishgen at
(please specify H-sig general fund) You can also request that your
sponsored project be for one or more of your ancestral towns. The purpose
of this forum is to assist one another in providing information and
suggesting strategies and solutions. Sometimes the solution require
investigation, research and practical applications. This can only be done
by people who have the expertise to do so. Our Jewishgen/H-sig researcher
can be the person who does these tasks if we we are willing to pool our
resources and provide for him as well. I'll refer to him by the
moniker, "Lone Ranger". For the time being it is to everyone's advantage
to keep his identity a mystery. As a practical and urgent matter, anyone
who can provide a desktop computer for delivery to Budapest is urged to e-
mail Joyce Field at

Flash-1. Last time I looked we had 497 subscribers (closing in on the magic 500)
2. I will complete the Mukachevo/Munkacs shtetlpage today or tommorrow and
submit it to Jewishgen. Depending on how long the approval process takes
the site should be up very soon.LS

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