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Ilan Koma <kozmai@...> wrote:

I might be wrong, but I thought people had to get only their grandparents
birth certificate during the Horthy regime.

Attila RĂ³na
It seems that Attila Rona is wrong about the law
I intereviwed my father at length about that point and this what I got:
a)The hungarian law said that a person is considered Hungarian if his father is Hungarian.
This what somewhat uncclear since you had to prove that Adam was Hungarian, and therefore
an administartive regulation was issued that that it is enough to prove that your male
ancestor was Hungarian in 1851 when they start issuing birth certificates. Hungarian in
1851 meant that the persom was born in the area of greater Hungary.
b)On top of it by the Trianon treaty, you were Hungarian if you could prove that at the
time of Trianon treaty(1920) you had some municipal registration in smaller Hungary.
My father could not produce his ggfateer birth certificate, and so in 1938 he was called to
the police(or some other similar institution) and was given a formal notice of him being
expelled >from Hungary. Nothing further was done about it. In october 1939 he fortunately
decided of his own free will to leave the country for Palestine.
Ilan Kozma

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