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For what it's worth, I have a copy of the "Szarmazasi Tablazat", issued
April 23, 1940 in Budapest for a relative of my husband's who was a career
army officer (he entered the army around 1920). The form had 11 numbered
blanks in it :

1. The Person
2. Father
3. Paternal Grandfather
4. Paternal Grandmother
5. Mother
6. Maternal Grandfather
7. Maternal Grandmother
8. Marriage of Parents
9. Marriage of Paternal Grandparents
10. Marriage of Maternal Grandparents
11. Marriage of the Person

Each blank provided four lines for the name, birth or marriage date, place
of birth or marriage , and religion of the parties named.

Incidentally, the form was apparantly number 13,340 issued that year to

If anyone is interested I can scan the document.

Beth Long

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