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Dear H-siggers,

My paternal grandmother, Etelka GRUNWALD, born 1898 in Dunajska Streda (aka
Dunaszerdahely), Slovakia. She died 1972 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her
parents were Izidor GRUNWALD (b in Dunajska Streda, had an insurance
company, d 1936 in Dunajska Streda) and Fanny FLEISCHMANN (b in Dunajska
Streda, d in Holocaust, probably in Auschwitz). The GRUNWALDs owned a
carpet factory (persian type) in Dunajska Streda.

My paternal grandfather, Joszef Jeno LEICHT, b 1894 in Csecseny Patony
(near Dunajska Streda), Slovakia. He and his brother Herman, lived in Csaky
ut 20, Budapest, where they partially owned the paper factory called VARGA
es WEISZ at that same address. Jeno died 1958 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Parents: Josef LEICHT, b in Austria, arrived in the region of Czakolloz
around 1870/1880 as a sergeant in charge of the grains to feed the troops.
He married Jenny WEISZ, b in Dunajska Streda. They lived in Gyor. Both died
in the Holocaust.

Surnames connected to this branch are:

LEICHT: Austria; Dunajska Streda & Cecinska Poton & Pozsony, Slovakia;
Gyor & Budapest, Hungary; Buenos Aires, Argentina.
GRUNWALD: Dunajska Streda & Ivanka, Slovakia; Budapest, Hungary
WEISS/WEISZ: Dunajska Streda & Brezno, Slovakia; Budapest, Hungary
FLEISCHMANN: Dunajska Streda, Slovakia
KORNFELD: Dunajska Streda, Slovakia; Tel Aviv, Israel.
VEGH: Batorkeszi, Checoslovakia; Dunajska Streda, Slovakia.
LEDERER: Dunajska Streda & Bratislava & Martin, Slovakia.
LEDERER/KARIN: Dunajska Streda, Slovakia; Israel; California, USA.
FOLDES: Bratislava, Slovakia; Israel; California, USA.
FENYO: probably Dunajska Streda, Slovakia
SZERDAHELYI: Dunajska Streda, Slovakia; Gyor & Budapest, Hungary
ANTAL: Olle Tejed & Dunajska Streda, Slovakia; Gyor & Budapest, Hungary.
KURCZ: Trnava & Dunajska Streda & Ivanka, Slovakia
LANGER: Brno, Czechoslovakia; Tel Aviv, Israel.
REISZ: Samorin (Somorja), Slovakia; Buenos Aires, Argentina.
KELLER: Gyor, Hungary.
ADLER (SAS): Gyor, Hungary.

My maternal grandmother, Kornelia FISCHER, was born 1895 in Gyongyos,
Hungary, and died 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her parents were Marton

My maternal grandfather was born as Herman BLAU in 1888 in Miskolc,

Hungary. Around 1900 he moved to Budapest and later changed his name to
Erno BANO. He became a photographer and had his studio in Podmaniczky ut
10. He died abt. 1939 in Budapest, Hungary. Parents: Gyula BLAU (b 1855 in
Ungvar, Hungary; d 1917 in Budapest) and Kamilla (Chaia) BLAU (b 1864 in
Abaujszanto, Hungary; d 1928). They were first cousins. Rumor says that the
BLAU/BANO family owned a hotel in Miskolc.

Surnames connected to this branch are:

BLAU: Abaujszanto & Ungvar & Miskolc & Budapest, Hungary;
Beregszasz/Berehovo, Ukraine;
New York & Maryland & others, USA; Israel
BANO: Miskolc & Budapest, Hungary
FISCHER: Gyongyos & Miskolc & Budapest, Hungary
SCHWARZ: Secovce, Slovakia; Abaujszanto & Budapest, Hungary.
STERN: probably Miskolc & Budapest, Hungary; Israel.
GAZDA: Miskolc & Budapest, Hungary.
CZUKOR: (not the famous one) Abaujszanto, Hungary; Israel.
JONAP: Homrogd, Hungary.
STEINER: Sahy, Slovakia (was Ipolysag, Hungary).
GROSSMAN: Abaujszanto, Hungary.
SZEGO: Abaujszanto, Hungary
PINTER: Abaujszanto, Hungary; Germany
KARDOS/KIDAR: Abaujszanto, Hungary; Israel.
BOTOS: Abaujszanto & Budapest, Hungary.

It seems that one of my BLAU ancestors married a descendant of Rabbi Elazar
LOW (Shemen Rokeah). Because of this link, I am in contact with some BLAUs
in Tel Aviv and Michigan, USA, and FRIEDMAN in New York.

I also want to add that if anyone has ancestors in Abaujszanto, they should
"Wine and Thorns in Tokaj Valley; Jewish Life in Hungary: the History of
Abaújszántó" by Zahava Szasz Stessel. It's a gold mine!

I'm not really researching my husband's family, but if I can get him
interested with any new information, I might be able to convince him to go
to his ancestors village:

KOHN: Tolcsva, Hungary; New York & Los Angeles, USA

I would like to thank all the people that helped me and taught me so much!
Thanks, H-siggers!

Margarita Lackó
from "the island" in Miami

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