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Norman/Jean Fuhrer <nfuhrer@...>

Dear H-Siggers,

Listed below are the surnames of the families we are researching:

BERKOWITZ - Beregszazz (Berehove)

FUHRER - (or any variants of the spelling) - Natafalva (Nacina Ves), Ungvar,
Sirkof? Ladomir (mostly Zemplen County) Krosno, Tarnow, Rzeszow - Spisske
Podhradie Area, Dubno, Suciava?? Bukovina

FELDMAN - Ungvar (Uzhgorod)

FRIEDLANDER - Spisske Podhradie

GOLDBLATT - Ungvar (Uzhgorod) Tokaj
all of Zemplen County

LANDSTEIN - Beregszazz - Anywhere in Austro-Hungary

MOSKOWITZ - Ungvar area

ROSENBERG - Ungvar area

SPIELKIN - Russia??

TARLOV - Russia ??

WIEDER - Ungvar - Zemplen County - Anywhere in Austro-Hungary

Any information would be appreciated.

Norman Fuhrer -
Titusville, Florida - USA

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