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Following Louis' suggestion here are the surnames I am searching:
The ASCHNERs seem to have mostly come out of Nyitra megye in the early and
mid-1850s and moved on to Bratislava, Wien, Budapest and Kosice. There are
big 'branches' >from those cities and >from Silesia. I am in contact with
descendants. It seems almost all of them were businessman with important
stores or factories.

The GOLDMANNS and LANGERs cluster around Kosice/Kassa, Presov and possibly
Miskolc. Samuel GOLDMANN and wife Lena LANGER ran the Kantin in the Great
Armory there and many of the family were born and lived there >from the 1870s
on. Lena's sister Jolan wed ERDELY. One of the GOLDMANN daughters, Fanny,
wed Armin POLATSCEKTheir three daughters were in Kosice during the Holocaust.
Emma and Jakab GELL:MAN died at Auschwitz but daughter Katoka survived, her
aunt Ilus [Ilona] and husban Lajos ROBERTS also survived. Her other aunt
Paula and husband Bela died. Jakab Gellman was a highly respected business
man with a leather business. If any one has come across any information on
these families I'd be most grateful if you'd contact me.

Linda Riesenberg Rakoff
Newton, MA

ASCHNER-Assakurte, Katlo, Beuthen/Bytom, Danzig, Chorzow [Konigshutte],
Berko, Hradiste, Bratislava, Budapest ,Nyitra, Kosice, Spisska Nova Ves,
BUCHWALD- Wien,Budapest,
GOLDMAN(N), LANGER -Kosice, Spisska Nova Ves,Bolyar; Miskolc, Presov;
GORDON-Molatai, Vilna; LOW'Y-Hradiste, Spisska Nova Ves;
KOOPER,LISSAUER-Losonc, Miskolz;
KOHN, STINGL: Wien, Bratislava
RIESENBERG- Horodenka, Kasperowicz, Zaleschicki

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