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Dear Listers,

Here is the list of family names I'm researching:

Tolnai (Friedmann, original name) - Oradea>Budapest (publishers of Tolnai

Raucher - Munkcas>Budapest

Politzer - Tolnai married into this family >Budapest (meat packing business)

Georgina Konecsny - Married into Tolnai family (no information available )
son, Peter

Banyai (original name may have been Branholen) - Hungary >NYC>Trenton,
NJ>Freeport, LI (no other information)

Issak (Issek, Isaacs, etc.)>Szatmar>NJ/NY - Married into Fischer>NJ/Calif;
married into Hollander - Tynberg>Pittsburgh;
Garten/Sobel/Duchin/Goodman/Friedman/Savarin (NJ)/Isaacs>Bronx, NY

Jayne Cartier

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