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I realize I am ignorant. However, why are we debating on and on about
accent marks & umlauts, when the people who already know Hungarian know
about such marks, and the people who don't read, speak or understand
Hungarian aren't going to bother much. With all the real Hungarians out
there, & in HSig, it seems to me we'd have translators at hand. It also
seems to me that if one were to copy something Hungarian, one would put
in whatever accent marks one found, if only because they're there, part
of the language. I know a little French & use those accent marks when I
ask about words I don't know.

Someone made what I consider a valid suggestion. When copying Hungarian
to English emails, put the mark after the vowel over which it appears.
Tom Klein also suggests that possibility.

I am herein excerpting a portion of Tom Klein's email of 2/4/01 ".....i
think it's important to point out that not everybody is using the same
character set, e-mail programme, or operating system, which is why most
listserves do not allow html and insist on standard ascii, english

There's a whole lot of nitpicking going on.

Thanks to whomever has an answer, definitively.

And personal thanks to all who have been so helpful to me in my search.

Adrienne Creed Mendelson
Chevy Chase, MD
W. Bloomfield, MI

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