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Dolph Klein <kledolph@...>

Uj-Bisztercze/Ujbeszterce is now Nova Bystrica, a small town, about 25 km
due north of Martin, Slovak Republic. N. Bystrica is in the district
(okres) of Cadca in the province (kraj) of Zilina.

Uj-Bela is now Nowa Biala, Poland, about 45-50 km NNW of Poprad, Slovak

BIALY DUNAJEC, Poland is about 350 km SSW of Warsaw and about 40 km NNW of
Poprad. It seems to me that Bialy Dunajec unlike its neighbor, Uj-Bela, was
never a part of the old Hungarian Empire.

Dolph Klein
Chapel Hill, NC

From: Gary Luke <feraltek@...>
The following town names are given for place of birth for a few parents in
the birth and marriage registers of Arva megye, 1886-1895. The registers
are in Hungarian. Would anyone be able to help with their current locations.

Uj-Bisztercze (maybe Trencen megye)
Uj-Bela (Szepes megye)

Thank you

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