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Dear List:

Lawrence Krupnak , at lkrupnak@... knows a researcher who I believe
lives in Uzgorod and does research in the archives there. If you write him,
he can give you more details.

Beth Long

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Subject: Archives in Uzhgorod

We are looking for some Galician records which may be in Uzhgorod.
Does anyone have experience trying to get records them by
correspondence. Considering that it's in present day Ukraine, but
quite close to Hungary, Slovakia and Rumania, what are our chances
to communicate with them efficiently in English or Polish?

Israel Pickholtz

Moderator: We've received reports that there are records in Uzhorod >from
areas of Ung megye that are in presentday Slovakia and the other parts of
Ung, eastward of Ungvar, that are now in the Ukraine. Please respond
directly if you have recommendations on researchers who have worked in the
Uzhorod archives. VK

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