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Arva megye Hungary and Orawa Poland.

In the census section of the Hungarian SIG data pages there are two files
of families living in Arva Megye in the 1850s. One file is >from towns and
villages of the central town of Nameszto, the other >from Trstena district
towns. LDS film #2062256 is the source, which also has birth, death and
marriage registers >from 1850 to 1896. Would anyone know of other registers
or property records of this area after 1895. So far I have not seen mention
in any inventory of records of the parts of Arva which became Orawa in
Poland after WW1 - they were administered >from Nowy Targ, but had not been
part of Galicia.

At the end of the 1850-85 registers are a few pages written in 1938 in
Slovakian, personal references for a few families, giving information on
their presence in Arva back to the first half of the 1800s, before there
were any local vital registers.

I would like to hear >from anyone whose family was there in the 1930s,
especially if >from the north eastern parts which became Orawa in Poland
after WW1. As far as I know not many Jews survived. A number of families
seem to have left the district in 1918 due to antisemitic nationalistic

My family names >from the district include Wichs, Stiller, Simpler (changed
to Szekely), Tandlich, Kugel, Schiffer, Graszgrun, Stieglitz. I'm not sure
if Pollaczek & Schlachet are related.


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