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Joyce Field <jfield@...>

JewishGen is more than pleased, it is overjoyed to announce its
newest web site. This new site is SephardicSIG: Sephardic Genealogy
at JewishGen, It is hosted by
Jeffrey S. Malka. Sefard Forum: E-mail Discussion Group For
Researchers Of SephardicGenealogy, the SIG's companion mail list,
will continue to be coordinated by Bernard Kouchel. If you are not
already a subscriber, see details at

JewishGen has long wanted an important Sephardic web site like Jeff's
"Resources for Sephardic genealogy," so when he agreed to move his
award-winning site (Jewish Agency Top 10 and Brittanica 2 Stars ) to
JewishGen, you can imagine our elation.

Recently retired, Jeff has been busy redesigning his site for weeks
in preparation for the JewishGen launch. His goal of expanding
Sephardic research opportunities meshes with JewishGen's objectives.
JewishGen recognizes that there are no boundaries in the Jewish
family and that developing new pathways for Sephardic research will
enhance everyone's understanding and appreciation of Jewish history
and its magnificent diversity. Jeff's belief that the Sephardic
definition should include both Ladino- and non-Ladino-speaking Jews
as well as Mizrahim and other non-Ashkenazi Jews the world over will
bring to JewishGen a wealth of new material >from which we all will
benefit. If we grasp that Sephardic Jews were 90% of all Jewry
through the 12th Century, we can see how Sephardic research can
expand our horizons.

Susan King said in a welcoming message to Jeff: "Many of us have
Sephardic roots that we were not aware of it until we began our
research. Please know that we welcome you and look forward to a
long-standing relationship that will benefit the JewishGen community
and allow us to expand and broaden our knowledge and understanding of
our Sephardic heritage!!!"

I am sure that all of you are as excited as we are. We extend a
hearty welcome to Jeff Malka and look forward to new horizons for
Sephardic research.

Joyce Field
JewishGen V.P. Research

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