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Bob Friedman <inwood@...>

The Greater Hungary Internet Links page on our H-SIG web site,, has more than a
dozen places to get information on Slovakia, including several which
tell you where to write for vital records. However, the Slovak
Embassy site and others (which have not been updated in years) say to
write to the Interior Ministry (Ministerstvo Vnutra), at a different
address >from the one Vivian Kahn gave for the National Archives
(Slovensky Narodny Archiv). Melody Amsel's Stropkov web site gives
the same address as Vivian did for both the Interior Ministry AND the
National Archives.=20

When I requested records 5 years ago for a person born in Secovce
(Galszecs), I wrote to the Interior Ministry at 811 04 Bratislava,
Krizkova 7, the address given on the Embassy's web site. I got a
response telling me to correspond directly with the Regional Archive
(Statny Oblastny Archiv) in Kosice, and that's who finally sent me
some information. I think the Huncovce records are probably in the
Presov Regional Archive, but I'm not 100% sure.

Can someone please clarify? Thanks very much!

Bob Friedman, NYC

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001 21:06:53 -0500, Henny Kestenbaum wrote:

Dear H-Sigers, I found a listing of my gggfather's death in LDS film. He
died in 1892 and is buried in HUNCOVCE , Slovakia. Could someone advise
where to write for his death certificate?

Moderator:...You can also submit a request to the State archives in =
Bratislava. =20
The address is Slovensky narodny archiv, 817 01 Bratislava, Drotarska =
c. 42, Slovak Republic. Forms to request genealogical info used to be =
at the Slovak Embassy webside. VK

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