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Margarita Lacko wrote:
"My maternal grandfather was born in 1888 in Miskolc as Herman BLAU...
When he married, in 1924, his name was Erno BANO...
How can I find out where and when my grandfather changed his name?"
In my experience, birth records are often annotated with name changes.
For example, my maternal GM and her seven siblings were born named NEUMAN
in Murska Sobota, Slovenia in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Her four
brothers changed their name to TIMA'R IN 1917. This fact appears as an
annotation of each of their birth records in the Murska Sobota BMD record
book. I found the same thing of the family of a good friend in Baja, so the
practice must have been quite common.

Good luck, Margarita! I hope this helps.

Judy Bacskai
Kensington, California

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