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Even if this subject will not pass the acid test of genealogical
researching, it is *very important*, exactly because of the
perspective Louis brought up: Holocaust revisionists are working hard
NOW to negate and discredit the full Shoah, mainly the claim that 6
million Jews were savagely murdered by the Nazis and their goons. In
the case of Hungary, the almost irrefutable number of 550,000 victims
is given by Prof. R. Braham in his famous book (The Politics of
Genocide) because all the deportation transports >from Hungary have
been thoroughly tallied. As it is well known, the majority of the
Hungarian Jews were deported to Auschwitz >from where they never

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>| Subject: Stark and the Holocaust
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>| I have received the following note >from the Hungarian historian Stark:
>| mod.- ...A final point: I understand that some
>| may be offended by discussing the holocaust in terms of numbers, but, if
>| not today, perhaps twenty years hence, there will be those who will
>| challenge the scope and severity of the Holocaust, and they will use such
>| numbers as evidence that the Holocaust and all that happened then was
>| exaggerated.LS
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