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Though the topic is not truly related to Genealogy, and probably should be
discussed in another forum, I feel that a short response is in order.

The true "Holy language" is undoubtedly the Biblical Hebrew (not to be
confused with modern Hebrew, which though it shares many of the same words,
it has so many differences that it can be argued that it is a different
language) However, for precisely this reason, because of its holiness, Jews
did not want to use it as their regular language. For the language of the
Torah, cannot be used in the marketplace, nor for common conversations. It
would be demeaning for Lashon HaKodesh.
Rather the Jews develped a language of their own, the characters would be
Hebrew, the words a purposely mangled German. As every other object used or
developed by the great Rabbis and Masters, it soon develped a holiness of
its own. All of us who have merited to speak it and know it, can sense and
feel its holiness. The very fact that this was a language unique to Jews
gave it a holy elevated status.
I have ben priviledged to write a short essay on this topic, that has been
published, it is too lengthy to republish here, I will be glad to send it to
any member who wishes.
Incidentally, the Kuzari tells us that Abraham our forefather spoke Aramaic
as his mundane everyday language, it was only on the Shabbos or for other
holy matters that he spoke Hebrew.


Avrumy Heschel

Brooklyn, NY

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