Re: New year new book [oversight corrected] #germany

Udi Cain

Dear All,

We have had discussions in the past regarding the origin of Prussian Jews
from Spain. The matter constantly occupied my attention, since I had
received verbal confirmation >from within the family to this fact for a long
time. And now, not only did I find good material published in Germany in
the 1920s, but I also asked a specialist, a doctor of history who deals with
the Sephardi Jews, to look into the matter . I am happy to say that the new
book contains an article which covers that very subject, as well as material
from old genealogical research books.
Up till now, I have received over 50 orders for the book about families and
communities of the province of Posen, Prussia. The price for the book, $15,

involves no financial profit and barely covers cost.

Best regards, Udi Cain, Jerusalem.

MODERATOR NOTE: I have approved this message because Mr. Cain is a very
frequent contributor to our Forum and has offered to donate copies of
his books to JewishGen for fundraising purposes (which we can not accept).

But this is a special exception to a GerSig and JewishGen rule:

New publications get a O N E T I M E mention in JewishGen
discussion groups. The reason for limiting the use of our Forum in this
way should be obvious to all.

Please contact Udi privately for more information about the book. MOD1

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