STRAUSS family of Selters #germany


I am working on a family history of the STRAUSS family of Cleveland, Ohio.

My great great great grandfather, Meyer Feist STRAUSS came to Cleveland
with his second wife and three grown sons, Abraham, Nathan and Elias in
about 1849. He was >from Selters, Germany in the province of Nassau.

According to family history, Meyer Feisst STRAUSS was one of ten children
of Feist Baer 1745-1831. All supposedly lived to an old age, a hallmark of
this family. In fact, Meyer was celebrated as the first Jewish centenarian
of Cleveland. Cleveland records indicate that he was born in March of 1791
and died in 1891. However, a book recently published in Germany, Juden im
Westerwald, has Meyer born in 1793.

We know of two more brothers of Meyer and one sister:

o Nathan Feist STRAUSS born in 1785 married to Michaele BAER

o Isak Feist STRAUSS of Hoechsenbach

o Esther Feist STRAUSS married to Hirsch Rosenberg of Hoechstenbach

The STRAUSS family is extensively intermarried with the HEILBERG family of

Meyer supposedly left of daughter(name unknown) in Germany.

I am trying to find the names of the other six STRAUSS siblings of Meyer
and the name of Meyer's daughter who stayed in Germany.

According to the book Juden im Westerwald the STRAUSS family took their
surname in 1841 >from the house in the Judengasse in Frankfort. If anyone
wants to reply to me privately, I have information >from that book about 9
other Jewish families in Selters: FRIEDEMANN, BERNSTEIN, HOFMANN,

Sincerely, Linda LEVINE, Cambridge, Massachusetts <>

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