Postskript to Book about Geroldshausen/Franken #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Dear GerSIGers,

Since there was some interest in the book I reported on yesterday, I
found two links about it, the first one is about the author's appearance
in the town and provides an abstract of his book in German. This took
place in May 2002.

The "Zeit" review I mentioned describes the event in detail and mentions
that it was boycotted by the city dignitaries. The other one is a short
review of the book by a book seller:

Just in case subsribers are interested in this author who describes how
he as son of an SS man inherits this piece of land in Geroldshausen and
starts to make inquiries about the Jews who lived there (with the only
survivor Heinz Maier) and the families of the perpetrators, among them
one of the leading SS doctors in Auschwitz Wirth whose family is thereby
outed. With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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