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Marian Brown

I have just finished looking at all the films for the 1828 census for
Saros and Abauj Torna counties so I want to add my two cents worth to
this discussion. Jews are sometimes listed at the end of the list.
They are noted most often as "Judd", but also as Jude, Judens, Hebr,
Isr, and Moses. Sometimes only the first of the group is tagged Jude
and those that follow are also Jewish. One can tell by the names. They
can also be found at the beginning and middle of the list.

Also, sometimes they have only first names, sometimes complete names.
In one case, I think I found one person in my family listed with the
last name only.

In the 1869 census, there is a group of films which are supposedly only
Jewish inhabitants. Obviously, one must see these, but also all of the
other films. Jews are included (sparsely) in some of these. Often they
are the only family in the town and the occupation is "Koresman" --
tavern keeper. One particularly interesting thing I found was for the
town of Sarisske Luky (Sebes Kellemes), near Presov, in Saros County,
where many Jews lived. In the "non-Jewish" film, there are no
individuals listed but all kinds of statistics and occupations -- lots
of Koresmans and Kereskedos (merchants?). I have yet to translate the
headings in this portion to understand it better. In no other film did
I see such notations. One wonders if this was done later before WWII.

All in all, it's very tedious.

Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

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