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Cory Streisinger <corys@...>

Some of my Streisinger ancestors come >from Balassagyarmat (Nograd County),
and I was pleased to find a couple of references to Lipot Streisinger (my
gggrandfather's brother) in a history of Balassagyarmat which I got through
Interlibrary Loan. However, the history is in Hungarian, which I can't
read. I'm hoping some kind H-Sigger might be willing to help translate
these references. I haven't posted the material on ViewMate because I don't
know how much of the surrounding text is necessary for context, but I could
easily email or fax a few pages to someone.

One of the references appears to be a list of "virilists," including Lipot
Streisinger. I've also found him on a list of virilists on the web site, which says that a "virilist" is a wealthy taxpayer
who automatically holds a government position due to the amount of taxes
paid. Can anyone provide more information about virilists, and does anyone
know how common or uncommon it would be to have a Jewish virilist in the

Thanks for the help. Please reply privately if you would be willing to
translate, but replies about virilist status might be interesting to the
whole group.

Cory Streisinger
Portland, Oregon

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