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Marian Brown

Dear all --

Regarding the town Szinye Neudorf, I have had two replies. One that
Szinye is now Svinia, the other that the town could now be Chminianska
Nova Ves. Both are near Presov.

I'm still a bit puzzled because of the work "Neudorf" In looking at
1972 Slovakian gazetter film, I have seen the words, neudorf, nova ves,
and ujfalu for many owns. Do they mean "new town" or some such? Or, if

not, what do they mean?

Thank you,
Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

Moderator VK: Neudorf does translate as "new village" or "new town". Nova (novy) ves is "new village" in Slovak. Uj is new and falu is village in Hungarian. Svinia is a few kilometers east of Chminianska Nova Ves. Looks like you're pretty close. Have you checked the 1877 Gazetteer?

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