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To All H-Siggers,
I just wanted to let you know that I have posted on my family website, a
partial listing of those interred in the Jewish cemetery in Eger, Hungary.
While I was visiting there last year, I was able to photograph every page of
the interment books that date >from 1869.

The database is in an Excel spreadsheet and contains almost 1000 names. That
is only >from the first book. I have not yet had the opportunity to enter the
names >from the second book. Additionally, if you download the spreadsheet
(118K) and find a family name, I can send you a copy of the photograph of
the page of the interment book. There is more information available for many
people than I put into the database. The additional information is in either
Hebrew or Hungarian. Since my expertise in reading those languages is fairly
nil, I have been unable to translate.

Also, there is an Auschwitz memorial in the cemetery that contains 280
names. I have transcribed those into a second spreadsheet, also for

If you cannot open an Excel spreadsheet, let me know and I'll see about
sending it to you in a text format.

There are several photographs of the cemetery as well. Check it out and let
me know if it is useful to you.


Jerry Zeisler
Leesburg, Virginia USA

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