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From: Emanuel Klein
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 9:52 AM
Subject: What did they do to the KLEIN Family?

I am a new subscriber living in Australia. My father always hoped that one
day he will be able to visit the gravesite and carve in to stone the sorrow
for the senseless loss of his parents, brother and sisters. But he died
before finding the courage to search dusty archives, before confronting
neighbours who smiled at the departing Jews, before finding the strength to
reconcile with a world that God -ever so briefly- has forgotten. As time is
passing for all of us I feel now it's up to me to fulfil my father's
wish.After all, even my name was conceived in his parents memory.

Unfortunately, few if any documents have survived the 1940's and the topic
of the Holocaust have remained a "taboo" in our home. I was told that my
grandparents, aunties and uncles were taken to Auschwitz in 1944. But all
the Hungarian Jews say that their relatives were sent to Auschwitz.

None of us should depart this earth without leaving at least a sign behind
... a proof that we were fellow human travellers. In April or May, I want
to go to Auschwitz, Birkenau, Treblinka ... wherever and would like to erect
a monument, a plaque in my father and my family's memory. But where??

Is there anyone who could help me find where did they killed my family? The
information I have is as follows:

Place of residence: Gyergyo Szentmiklos (Sfintu Gheorghe), Transylvania now
Romania (in 1944 part of Hungary) & Szaszregen?

Grandfather: KLEIN Emanuel (Mano); Born 19 March 1887
Grandmother: UNGAR Irma (Klein); Born 21 June 1896
Children: KLEIN Laci (Laszlo); Born 6 January 1932
Miklos (my father); Born 17 June
1917 Died in Israel 1989
Geza (alive in Germany)
Vili (alive in Hungary)
According to unreliable reports they were deported >from Szaszregen to
Auschwitz. A family friend who survived the concentration camp told someone
that she saw Irma and Laci hand in hand on arrival in Auschwitz. And they
went to the left.

Thank you, in anticipation

Emanuel KLEIN
Sydney, Australia

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