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Dear Judi,

Maybe this is of interest to other members of H_SIG so I'm relaying
it to the group also.

The eight members of the Budapest Jewish Council were:

Samu(el) Stern <- President
Dr. Erno: Boda <- Neolog community of Pest
Dr. Erno: Peto: <- Neolog community of Pest
Dr. Karoly Wilhelm <- Neolog community of Pest
Dr. Samu Csoba'di <- Neolog community of Buda
Samu Kahan-Frankl <- Orthodox community
Fu:lo:p Freudiger <- Orthodox community
Dr. Nison Kahan <- Zionist organizations

______ JGyori@... wrote on 17.03.02 - 23:31 -0500: ______

Do you know or how I find out who were the eight men on this committee?

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Moderator: Tom, please let us know what time period this is.

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