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More than likely, it is the same as Tiszabezdéd. In Szabolcs, many village
names officially start with "Tisza," the name of the nearby river, or "Nyir"
(the name of the region), but in common parlance these prefixes were usually

There is a capsule summary on Tiszabezdéd in the Kisvarda yizkor book, which
I have posted at

.> Subject: bezded From: "Henny Kestenbaum" Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 22:35:17
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Dear H Siggers, Does anyone know the present name of the hungarian town of
BEZDE'D? My husband's grandfather was known as DUVID OF BEZDE'D. It may be
present day Nyirba'tor, but I am not sure. Many thanks for any help, Henny
Kestenbaum, Toronto

Searching:GLUCK, LOWY, HARTSTEIN in Chust, Hungary, now Khust, Ukraine
ROSENZWEIG, SCHIDLOW, WAKSKOPF, in Kezmarok Slovakia, Tarnow Poland,
Dresden, Berlin Germany. KESZTENBAUM / KESTENBAUM Beregszasz now
Beregovo,Ukraine KLAUSNER, ROSENZWEIG, in Nowy Sacz.
Moderator: You may be looking for Tiszabezdéd, Hungary, in Szabolcs megye,
about 50 km north of Nyirbator and in the same county.

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