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Hello Ley,

ALTOFEN used to be one of the old German names for the town of Buda
which later became part of the city of Budapest.

Now TOTSCHEISE is a different ball game. It is very likely a bad
joke. The literal translation >from German would be "Slovak shit"
(pardon my French). It's the combination of the Hungarian derogatory
name for the Slovaks (Tot) plus the German word (Scheisse) meaning
excrement. No such town in my gazetteer.


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Subject: Where is Totscheise ? And Alt-Ofen
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Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 06:37:02 -0400

...stated on his marriage record that he was born/>from Totscheise.

Fanny Muller was >from Altofen/Alt Ofen is this an area of Budapest
or would this be Oltovany ? There appears to be an area in Budapest
in 1877.
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