Hungary SIG #Hungary Re: Berkovitz Re: Hidden info on documents, Part II #hungary

Moshe & Esther Davis <davis@...>

I wonder if Bercovitz and Berkovitz derive >from the same name,
Bercovici or are completely different names.
All of these names could be interchangeable - certainly in previous
generations, exact spelling of a surname was not very important.

I have found various documents for my own family spelled
Davidovics, Davidovici, Davidovits, Davidovitz, Davidson, Davis and
other variations.

Moshe Davis

Moshe Davis <davis@...> Jerusalem
DAVIS/DAVIDOVICS >from Szeleslonka(Leh),Maramaros,Austro-Hungary;OH;CA. HAYFER/CHAIMOVICS >from Kovesliget(Drahiv),Maramaros,Aust
ry;OH;NJ;CA. WINARD/WINARSKY and METKOP >from Kiev;Argentina;NY;CA. BRACKER/BRECHER >from Bucharest/Iasi,Romania;NY;CA;AZ. ABRAMS
ON >from Zvil
(Novograd-Volinsky),Ukraine;Cuba;MI;MA;NH. YAHIA/YICHYA >from Istanbul;Cuba;MI;CA.

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