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d pfalzer <d_pfalzer@...>

Hi all,

When I was viewing the 1828 census microfilm today, I
repeatedly came across a letter which I couldn't
figure out what it was.

It was the first letter in the name.
Maybe a C, maybe a P, maybe a B, maybe a G.

What it looked most like was a C with inward curling
ends and with a vertical line going through the center
of it.

The flaw I kept having with each of my interpretations
was that I saw other letters on the page (formed
differently) which were clearly the letters I was
guessing this one was.

One more thing, this letter was clearly a consonant
because in at least one instance it was followed by a
double oo.

Maybe the context would be useful.
These are the names I saw this letter in (the * takes
the place of the unidentified letter):
*ick/*uk, *ih, *osch, *oslieb, *ik, *ibler.


Moderator: Based on your description and a cheat sheet I use to decipher handwriting in old German style, the letter may be an uppercase E. Probably would be a good idea to scan some samples and submit to Viemate or send to Eric Bloch, coordinator for the 1828 Census project.

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