Hungary SIG #Hungary GEDCOM utility for Macintosh #hungary

Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Hello folks:

If besides being a genealogy hobbyist you are also a bit of a hacker
this utility is for you - SeeGEDCOMX. You can download it at:

SeeGEDCOMX does what most of the family tree building softwares
don't: it allows you to browse and modify your tree entries freely
and easily. You get random access to all members of your trees
through a search function. You can build simple but useful trees and
navigate among members of the same group. You can sort by given
names, surnames, place of birth or marriage and many other sort
features. And it exports to GEDCOM so you can load modified versions
back to your family tree building software. You will love this little
gadget, give it a try.

NOTE: I have no commercial or any other interest in this product,
just mention it because it's very handy.

Sorry PC guys, this is an exclusively Mac app :-)


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