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Arik Solomon <Arik@...>

Hi all,

A couple of days ago I posted the attached message asking whether =
someone knows where can I find census data >from the early 20th century =
for the Transylvania region.
All I got in response are requests to share any information that I find, =
and I ask myself is it possible that there's no such data available? =
neither online nor offline.
It seems to me like the first thing to look for after you have some =
names, places and dates. Can it be that no one ever used such =
information ?

I'll greatly appreciate any clue about this issue, even a redirection to =
another source.

Thanks in advance,
and Shana Tova

Arik Solomon
Petah Tikva

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Subject: [h-sig] Early 20th Century Census Data
Fellow SIGers,
Does anyone know if there is a Hungary/Romania online census=20
data >from the early 20th century (1900-1930).
If not online, where else is it possible to get such data ?
I know that areas such as Transylvania (which I'm interested=20
in) switched hands more than once during this period of time,=20
this is why I want both censuses if available.
Arik Solomon
Petah Tikva
Moderator VK: I have never come across any 20th century census records on the internet >from either Hungary or Romania, the two countries within which Transylvania was located during this period. In an article on Romanian records in Avotaynu in Fall 1996, Prof. Ladislau Gyemant, who is probably the best source of info on records in this area, makes no mention of 20th century census records as a source for researchers. According to the Univ. of Texas Population Research Center, which claims to have approximately 85% of all of the known pooulation census pulications >from all countries in the world either in hard copy or on microfilm, Hungary conducted national censuses in 1880, 1900, 1910, when Transylvania was part of Hungary. there was also a 1920 census that preceded the Treaty of Trianon and may include Transylvania. The Population Research Centrer Library makes census volumes availably through interlibrary loan except for fragile materials or when it holds the only copy. I suspect that these records are also kept in the State Archives in Budapest. There was also a 1944 census of Hungarian Jews conducted by the Nazis. Much of Transylvania was taken over by Hungary after 1942 and is included in this census which has been discussed in previous postings to this list. These records are in Yad Vashem but the only part that has been published is the census >from Hajdu County. Bottom line is that it is extremely difficult obtaining any records >from Romania.

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