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Arik Solomon <Arik@...>

Thank you all for your replies.
I now understand the difficulties I have to deal with.
I do have one note though: my parents visited the Satu-Mare district =
last month and in one of the villages, Turt, they 'bought' their way =
into the town hall's vital records archive.
They managed to picture (no xerox machines there) a couple of pages with =
birth records >from 1947-1950 and even >from 1924. The archivist told them =
that records older than 1895, are kept in the national archives in =
Bucharest. (which makes me wonder about records >from this area prior to =
the Treaty of Trianon which should be in Budapest ...)

Anyway, thanks again everyone.
Shana Tova,

Arik Solomon
Petah Tikva


Moderator VK: Arik's original message (see below) inquired about the availability of census data >from Transylvania. As explained in earlier messages, the area in question was covered by several Hungarian national censuses conducted prior to the Treaty of Trianon, which ceded this area to Romania. Vital records, which were collected by the local rabbi prior to 1895, are a different matter. Copies of these records were supposed to be turned over to the county or regional archives and may be available to those who visit Romania or hire researchers with access to these sources archives. Has anyone found pre-1895 vital records >from areas in presentday Romania in the Hungarian State archives?

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Hi all,
A couple of days ago I posted the attached message asking whether=20
someone knows where can I find census data >from the early=20
20th century=20
for the Transylvania region.
All I got in response are requests to share any information=20
that I find,=20
and I ask myself is it possible that there's no such data available?=20
neither online nor offline.
It seems to me like the first thing to look for after you have some=20
names, places and dates. Can it be that no one ever used such=20
information ?
I'll greatly appreciate any clue about this issue, even a=20
redirection to=20
another source.
Thanks in advance,
and Shana Tova
Arik Solomon
Petah Tikva
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Fellow SIGers,
Does anyone know if there is a Hungary/Romania online census
data >from the early 20th century (1900-1930).
If not online, where else is it possible to get such data ?

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