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Are any of the 19th century Hungarian Jewish census records available on the www?

Attila Rona

Moderator VK: As Jordan Auslander reported in his presentation at the Toronto IAJGS conference, the Austro-Hungarian Empire conducted censuses of Jewish residents in 1725-27, 1735-39, 1743-45, 1767-68, and, of course, 1848. Partial censuses of other counties (e.g. Tolna, Zemplen) exist >from other years. Other national censuses (e.g. 1869) identified the persons enumerated by religion including Jews. Jordan says that some of these records are preserved in regional archjives. I am not aware of any exhaustive listing of repositories of Jewish census records and have not come across any of the Jewish enumerations on-line except for those files posted on the H-SIG website and partial translations submitted to this list and preserved in the JewishGen archives. If anyone has come across such records please let us know!

Be aware that some of the postings regarding the availability of records regards vital records, not census records. This is a different matter if only because vital records were created and maintained at the local level. In a 1996 Avotaynu article on Czech and Slovak research, Ed Luft explained, for example, that in areas of Slovakia that were formerly part of Hungary, records more than 100 years old had to be transferred >from the local record offices that created them to the local archives unless they were of national relevance in which case they were transferred to national archives. Some books, indexes, and associated records remained in local record offices even though they were more than 100 years old because the book or index also included records that were less than 100 years old.

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