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Norman/Jean Fuhrer <nfuhrer@...>

Updating our surname search as follows:

BECK - Stropkov/Vysny Orlik
BERKOWITZ/BERKOVICS - Berehove (formerly Beregszazz)
EISNER, Zali -- Ungvar (Uzhgorod)
FUHRER/FUEHRER (any variant)-- Ungvar, Tiba, Natafalva any other town in
GERSTNER - Zemplen
GOLDBLATT - Ordarma, Ungvar also Tokaj
HOFSTADTER - Ungvar -- any other town (possibly in Galicia)
LANDSTEIN (any variant) -- Berehove
STERN, Golda (early 1850's --married Abraham FUHRER) - Tiba (now Tibava) -
Ungvar - also Zemplen
WIENER - Stropkov--Chirzanova?
WIRTHEIM, Pepi (married to ?? FUHRER - died in Ungvar early 1900's)

Look forward to hearing >from anyone researching same names.

Norm and Jean FUHRER
On Florida's Spacecoast - USA

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