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Nagyselmec is now called Liptovska' Stiavnica (with a hasek on the
's'). Ruzomberok was formerly called Rozsahegy (not Rozsahegyi)

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I'm forwarding the following message >from Dave Strelinger

Looking for information on the Strelinger family who were born and emigrated
from Lipto Comitat Nagy Selmetz in Slovakia. I am unable to find this town.
Thank you
Moderator VK: The place you're looking for is Nagyselmecz, which was
in the Rozsahegyi district of Lipto megye. I can't identify the
present name on my Slovak map but can tell you that this place is on
the Vah River west of Ruzomberok (formerly Rozsahegyi) probably near

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