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Dear Vivian Kahn,

I think Kahn is a common surname for jews in Hungary, but i ask anyway:

I have a Regina an d a Rebecca Kahn in my tree. Regina is the daughter of
Rebecca. Regina married Moritz Gestetner >from Csorna. They had a lot of
children. Among those children were two girls by the names of Irma and
Rosalia. They both married Jakab Federer (1855-1943) >from Janoshaza. Rosalia
married Jakab and had eight daughters. When Rosalia died, Jakab married her
younger sister Irma and had 3 sons and 2 daughters. The oldest son Sandor
(1899-1967) is my grandfather.

Is there any connection?

Paul Posthumus, Judith Federer

Moderator VK: Paul doesn't say where his KAHN relatives lived but I think it's very unlikely that there's any connection between my KAHN family and Paul's. Here are some of the reasons why. My great-grandfather was named Dov Berisch KAHANA and he lived in Maramarossziget, now Sighetu Marmatei, Romania. My grandfather Chaim, who was born in Sziget in 1869, changed his name to KAHN when he emigrated to the US in 1903. His brother Naftule Herz, who arrived in 1914, used the surname KAHAN so I have a bunch of second cousins who have that surname. If Paul's KAHN relatives came >from Maramaros they are probably KAHANs as well.

Janos Bogardi has a fascinating feature on his website that shows the prevalence of the most common Hungarian surnames. KAHAN is an extremely common name in Maramaros and is also found in Bereg and other nearby counties. KAHN and KOHN, the surname of one of my paternal great-grandmother's are surnames that doesn't occur in Maramaros and other northeastern megye but are very prevalent in Pest and are also found in Sopron, where Regina's husband lived. Check out the map at <> which is based on the occurrence of names in a late 19th century business directory.

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