Hungary SIG #Hungary Pollak from Budapest and identification of memorial on Viewmate VM1773 #hungary

Eva Floersheim <evaflor@...>

My name is Eva Floersheim and I have just signed up for the Hungarian SIG to
help a friend in his search.
The friend was born in 1936 in Budapest as Gyorgy Pollak, the son of Moric
Mor Moshe Pollak ( born in 1893 or 1894 in Seregelyes, son of Kalman Pollak)
and Rachel Lea Rozalia nee Brand >from Tarnow in Poland.
His father disappeared >from their home in Garay utca 32 in Budapest during
the war, and the son never saw him again.

Gyorgy has now found out that his biological mother died a month after his
birth, and that the woman who saved him during the war, was his stepmother.
The stepmother died in 1946, and that same year Gyorgy was brought to
Israel - one of the Hungarian Holocaust orphans.

In Ujpest in 1946 lived his half brother Sandor Pollak who at the time was
married and had a little son. After a year or two in Israel Gyorgy lost
contact with his half brother. He still hopes to find him again, though
before the contact was broken , Sandor told Gyorgy he was about to change
his family name >from Pollak to something else....

Gyorgy has a few family photos - of his father, his brother , his stepmother
and himself.
I have posted a photo of the stepmother and Gyorgy in front of a memorial on
Viewmate. The photo was probably taken in the summer of 1939.
Please check
The photo is posted as VM1773
Where is this memorial? In Budapest? Somewhere else?

Gyorgy has been several times to Budapest during the last ten years and has
located the graves of his biological mother and his stepmother.
He has not found his brother Sandor Pollak.
He has not found information about the fate of his father.

Any help will be appreciated.
Please write directly to me on

Eva Floersheim
Shadmot Dvorah

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