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Chaim Frenkel <chaimf@...>

Could this be a pronounciation issue? Are there significant regional
dialects in Hungary? (or perhaps I should say, were there at the time
of name adoptions?)

Or could it be related to the original country folks emigrated from?

Chaim Frenkel Brooklyn, NY

"PP" == Posthumus, Paul <> writes:
PP> Janos Bogardi has a fascinating feature on his website that shows
PP> the prevalence of the most common Hungarian surnames. KAHAN is an
PP> extremely common name in Maramaros and is also found in Bereg and
PP> other nearby counties. KAHN and KOHN, the surname of one of my
PP> paternal great-grandmother's are surnames that doesn't occur in
PP> Maramaros and other northeastern megye but are very prevalent in
PP> Pest and are also found in Sopron, where Regina's husband lived.
PP> Check out the map at
PP> <> which is
PP> based on the occurrence of names in a late 19th century business
PP> directory.

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